Swiss iSTOR Sharpeners in the UK


Rescue your favourite blade with a Swiss Istor Knife SharpenerTired of  struggling with blunt secateurs or hedge trimmers? Not keen to replace your favourite kitchen knives or sewing scissors? Believe us when we say that there's no need for desperate measures!

With their patented sharpening edge, Swiss iSTOR handheld knife sharpeners are the ideal way to breathe new life into your knives and tools. One of the best, high quality sharpening tools, Swiss iSTOR sharpeners are specially designed to sharpen every type of blade, including ceramic blades and those with serrated edges.

Swiss iSTOR sharpeners are very versatile. They can be used in the kitchen and the garden and are ideal for hobbyists.  They're suitable for both right and left handed people and are also dishwasher proof.

One of the best knife sharpeners around, your Swiss iSTOR Sharpener sharpens a wide range of cutting edges including:


  • knives,
  • serrated knives,
  • ceramic knives,
  • scissors,
  • secateurs,
  • tin snips,
  • lawn and hedge shears,
  • axes,
  • shovels,
  • spades,
  • fishing and hunting knives and many more! 

In short, it's an allround versatile professional knife sharpener.

Swiss Istor Knife Sharpener | Supplied by Bircham Ventures Ltd.
Swiss Istor Knife Sharpener | Supplied by Bircham Ventures Ltd.

The secret to the iSTOR sharpener is its extremely hard composite blade with two precision sharpening edges bonded to an aluminium handle. It is specifically engineered to stop a shoulder or burr forming on the cutting edge.

The iSTOR Sharpener is a Swiss quality product used by professionals all over the world.  It comes with a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee and is recommended by FELCO.

This is a product we are very passionate about: it is well made, affordable and is a great money saver. Whether you are a professional chef, a hobby gardener or want to keep all the tools around your home in top condition, this is the knife sharpener for you.

No more blunt blades! Check out our range of products here!